What makes us different?

Our unique formulas contain exclusive blends of 72 plants, multi-targeting bio-active agents, plant metabolites, micro and eco marine algae.

Through dedicated research we have developed formulas that combine essential fatty acids and integral substances at the optimum ratio needed to achieve skin health. Our Youth Fountain Dew contains the only natural form of hyaluronic acid, made from enzymes through bio-fermentation, and phytoglycogen, which is created by a patented system producing phytoglycogen that is biol-identical to human glycogen.

Our essences and serums are made from 100% natural, hand-picked flowers, herbs, fruits, berries, leaves, and other ingredients from across the world, evoking the mystery and beauty of our planet’s landscapes through natural plants and medicines used in traditional cultures. Through scientific literature and in-home testing, each ingredient has been thoroughly and individually researched to ensure optimum benefits to your skin. Efficacy is at the core of our formulations, and we will not release a product until it is perfect.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are crafted in our home laboratory over a two-month process of gentle extraction. Other brands use harsh systems or chemicals that only extract part of a plant, but we believe in the slow cook method to produce healthy and natural extractions of premium quality.

Each product is created by hand in small batches to achieve ultimate freshness. Prior to shipping, our day and night serums are injected with natural antioxidants, ready to brighten your skin.

The key factor in a product being effective is having the correct ratio of fatty acids and other naturally occurring substances, along with ingredients that work synergistically. This is not easy to achieve, and takes time and research to get right,” – Sarah McIntyre