Eselle has integrated sustainability into our business model. This means we do not negatively impact the environment, community or society. Our goal is to make a positive impact in these areas by focusing on the buying of ingredients from communities that suffer social injustice thus providing an income. By acting positively to conserve and protect endangered environments through our charity work and encouraging the purchase of products where the planting, growth and harvesting of ingredients are not damaging the environment or communities but conversely have a positive effect. 

Our packaging

Your product will come in a re-usable box (instead of one that gets tossed in the bin), a velvet pouch that is perfect to keep a precious pair of earrings in and we use glass bottles (Miron Violet Glass) that are unique in protecting the contents from UV damage, which if returned to us can be re-used and the cost of your next purchase will reflect this.

5% of sales go to charities that protect our planet. That means with every purchase, we put something back

Our Charities

5% of your Blue Ocean facial Oil purchase goes to the Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society

UK’s leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society works to ensure our oceans are healthy, protected, and pollution free. Nearly ten years of campaigning resulted in the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, requiring Scottish Ministers to protect and enhance the health of Scotland’s seas, establish well-managed Marine Protected Areas, and creates a marine plan that includes ecosystem objectives. The charity has had many successes since its founding in 1983, including persuading the UK government to put a charge on single-use bags in 2013.

Overfishing and littering is putting extreme pressure on our seas. UK seas holds over 15,000 marine species, including dolphins, sharks, whales, and seahorses. A lack of proper protection and overexploitation has caused significant damage to this environment, putting marine wildlife at serious risk, as well as the industries and jobs that rely on the seas.

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5% of your Arctic Night Facial Oil purchase goes to Save the Artic

Save the Arctic

A Greenpeace organization, Save the Arctic works with policy makers to express the importance of protecting the Arctic. They put pressure on politicians and expose and take to court companies attempting to drill the Arctic. Their lawyers challenged and stopped Arctic oil drilling in Norway and helped the people of Clyde River win a case against Canada’s supreme court to end seismic blasting in their waters.

The Arctic is home to more than 4 million people and a range of majestic wildlife. Heating up twice as fast as the rest of the planet, the ecosystems of the Arctic are under significant strain. Melting of sea ice causes rubbish and pollutants to contaminate the homes of native wildlife, leading to their struggle for survival.

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5% of your Himalayan Mountain Cleansing Oil purchase goes to the Himalayan Trust UK

Himalayan Trust UK

Since 1989, the Himalayan Trust has been improving education and transforming community health of the Nepali mountain people. Working with schools in remote villages, this charity has built classrooms, provided essential furnishing and equipment, and provided training for over 750 teachers. The door to escape poverty is unlocked through the provision of better education.

In 2013, the Trust introduced a Health Programme that has transformed community health in the impoverished area of Taplejung. Village leaders and health care professionals have reported significant improvements in the people’s health, thanks to health projects run by the Himalayan Trust. They offer scholarships for local women to train as health workers and midwives.

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5% of your Amazon Rainforest Body Oil purchase goes to The Rainforest Trust

The Rainforest Trust

We are partnered with The Rainforest Trust who purchase and protect the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through their partnerships and community engagement. Through these partnerships they ensure the sustainable results necessary for the long-term protection of tropical eco systems and the wildlife they hold.