Why Cold Pressed Oil?

Cold-pressed oils are rich in natural nutrients, aroma and antioxidants.

Why cold-pressed is best

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your food. Just like organic oils that better your food, cold-pressed oils are the new trend in taking care of your skin’s health.

Many dermatologists have recommended constant care of the skin, especially the sensitive and dry skin to look radiant and vibrant. Cold-pressed nourishing oils have been much in demand turning out to be heroes in the skin and hair care regime in the beauty industry.

What is cold-pressed oil?

The name is suggestive of the process of extraction of the oil from organic seeds, fruits and nuts without using any chemicals or solvents like hexane in cold temperature. The tedious but crucial cold screw pressed extraction of the oil ensures that it retains all its properties of flavour and nutrients. Needless to mention, they are dearer than other oils due to their lower yield.

How does it benefit your skin?

Cold-pressed oils are rich in natural nutrients, aroma and antioxidants. Refined oils are of less nutritional value due to the heating process destroying these valuable constituents.

One study showed increased “antioxidant capacity” in cold-pressed oil — and more antioxidants (like vitamins A, C, and E) equals more protection and prevention for your skin

The benefits of CO2 extracts

No Chemicals or Toxins

CO2 extraction does not use any kind of harmful chemicals that are flammable or petroleum-based solvents. It means that when the process is completed, the solvent (being CO2) turns back into gas and evaporates. It leaves no trace or residue which can taint the final product; meaning that what is left is cleaner and purer.

CO2 extraction is best because oxygen-free environments and low temperatures are particularly important when extracting fragile oils.

By keeping temperatures low and extracting all the ‘active’ components, we’re able to preserve and protect the complete botanical, skin-loving properties.

The  process of CO2 extraction delivers greater nutritional value than any chemical or heat processed method, thus delivering better results for your skin!

CO2 extraction also leaves absolutely no solvent residues, so the final oil is impeccably pure. The low temperature and lack of waste streams/emissions make it an extremely environmentally friendly process, too!