Organic and biodynamic refer to how ingredients are grown and harvested. Cold-pressed refers to how plants are processed. Heat processing or chemical processing both damage the active components inherent in the plant. When the plant oils are extracted through the cold-pressed process, they retain all their nutrients. Cold-pressed is done directly from source. The source being the plant, which is compressed, the oil released and then filtered.

So simple, so perfect, and yet cold-pressing takes longer and yields less. This is why most companies will state on their products “organic” and “natural” but in truth they have used a chemical process in order to extract the oil. It is more valuable to get better quality and effective ingredients, rather than be “green washed” into paying for an inferior product.

Unfortunately, the consumer has no idea that ultimately what you are getting is an adulterated product. If heat and chemicals are used to extract, then it is clear that what you are getting is more chemical than natural.

It is important to look for products that use cold-pressed oils, if you are looking for highly nutritious treatments for your precious skin! This is what will give you the best results, as your product will contain the highest and most effective quality of nutrients.

Cold-pressed is Best!

Happy Springtime to you all.

Bless the Earth and the plants that are growing for our benefit at this time of year.