So, I was wondering what to write about for this Mother’s Day blog, and I did a bit of googling for ideas. This is what I found: “write about your mum’s best talent”; “your favourite dish your mum cooked”; “the best lesson she taught you”;” post some nice photos of you and your mum”; “what favourite things you have done on Mother’s Day”, “why mums are so great” and so forth. None of this engaged me or felt real. It felt like a robot mum, a picture-perfect idea of motherhood. It seemed to not be inclusive of all mothers.

Let’s celebrate Mothers everywhere. All races, all ages, all circumstances. Motherhood is special; women are special. We are all different, and we all have our own way. We can be strong for our children, or soft and nurturing, wiping away the tears when hearts are broken. We feel everything our children feel and would take their place and their pain if we could. We feel joy when they are happy, and nothing seems right again when they are no longer under the same roof.

We strive for the perfect family, but the truth is, that’s not what most experience, and families are broken, and divorce and remarriage is commonplace. Relationships require work and forgiveness.

Most of us love our mums and our children love us, so this Mother’s Day, if there have been harsh words, or if you have been neglectful in some way, forgive, say you are sorry and see the good in the other person. Respect their point of view and know life is short and one day you might wish they were around to argue with or ignore.

Take a moment to say thank you and be grateful. It’s going to be a beautiful day on Sunday for most of the country, the daffodils are out, and summer is around the corner. Smile and tell your mum you love her. Those are words you will never regret.

Happy Mother’s Day