It’s here! Earth Day April 22, 2022

This year’s theme is: Invest in Our Planet.

Now is the time (more than ever) to make your voice heard. As individuals we can do this through the choices we make every day. Gen Z is providing inspiration, with 45% having stopped purchasing certain brands because of ethical or sustainability concerns. We together have the ability to lobby for and support businesses that take steps to protect our environment through their practises.

At ESELLE Skincare we have been making these choices since 2007, producing the first 100% certified skincare range in the UK. We refuse to compromise, and now look at making all our practises from source to production to packaging sustainable by keeping our ethos at the front and centre of what we do. We don’t normally shout about it but with Earth day looming, it’s our chance to let you know what we do. First, we source only organic ingredients, this means no fertilisers, no synthetics, no “derived from natural sources”- the ingredients are the natural source!

We are vegan too. “Vegan skincare” doesn’t always mean natural, it means not derived from animals but often, and usually, vegan skincare will contain synthetic ingredients.

Vitamins in skincare, if not coming directly from plants, are synthetically made using petrochemicals! Crazy, right? Please look at your labels and remember even 97% organic can mean the other 3% is nasty. Anything with water needs a preservative. These should be checked, as they can be harmful, not only to the planet by their production, but to your body.

ESELLE is partnered with charities: Save the Arctic, The Rainforest Trust UK, The Himalayan Trust UK and The Marine Conservation Society. Four charities supporting four endangered parts of the planet and to whom we give 5% of every sale. This year we would like to increase that to 15% for the rest of this year. As we grow as a company, so too will our investment in giving back. It is what we are and always have been about. Every purchase you make you will be giving and investing to save our planet.

This year, as an advanced diver, I will be helping remove plastic from our seas. I hope to do a Vlog following my journey, so please look out for updates on our social media pages @ESELLESkincare.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Enjoy life, and be kind to each other, as well as our lovely and only home planet Earth.